Harbor City Holiday Cards!

Searching for a great way to send your love to friends and family this holiday season? Look no further!

Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus is offering animated e-cards with musical greetings performed by the chorus in our signature 4-part harmony style. Just make a donation toward our music education fund and we’ll send greetings to your list of recipients in your name.

Easy and unique!

1. Click the Order Now button below to fill out an order form.
2. Choose a card design from among three choices.
3. Choose the number of cards you want to order.
      10 cards for $10
      25 cards for $20
      40 cards for $30
      60 cards for $40
     100 cards for $50
4. Add your list of recipients including firstname, lastname, email for each.
5. Click submit my order, provide payment information and you’re done! Orders will be processed within 72 hours.

Happy Chanukah
Song: Eight Candles
Merry Christmas
Song: Carol of the Bells
Happy Holidays
Song: Jingle Bell Rock