Sing With Us

Sing With Us

Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus is an award-winning group of women who sing 4-part a cappella music. Our repertoire ranges from Broadway to barbershop, the Beatles to Billy Joel, and just about everything in between. We’re always looking for women who like to sing – you don’t have to read music or have any experience beyond singing in the shower or in your car.

It’s not just about singing. HCMC is a close family of “sisters in song” who share joys and concerns each week.


Severna Park Elks Lodge 160 Truck House Rd Severna Park, Md 21146

Call: 800-856-9868 Email: [email protected] Visit Us Every Wed. at 7:24pm


If you come to visit an HCMC rehearsal, be prepared for the ride of your life. Please plan to arrive between 7:00 and 7:15 pm so our membership team will have time to greet you before we get busy with rehearsal. If you want to just watch the rehearsal, you are welcome to sit and observe. But if you know you are interested in auditioning, our director or assistant director will take you aside to “voice place” you. Rather than the more familiar voice parts of soprano and alto, women’s barbershop music follows the men’s four voice parts:

  • Tenor is the highest voice, and sings a light harmony. No shrill sopranos here.
  • Lead is sung by the middle voice, and typically carries the melody in the strongest part of the vocal range.
  • Baritone is a harmony part for the middle voice.
  • Bass is the lowest voice, providing the rich sound for which barbershop is known.

At 7:25, just before rehearsal starts, we usually do some physical warm-ups led by our choreo team, then our director, assistant director or section leaders lead the vocal warm-ups. You are welcome to join us for these exercises to get a feel of what it’s like up on the risers. After the warm-ups, on your first visit we suggest you “sit out” and watch the chorus rehearse. Especially if we are close to a performance or competition, rehearsal can be fast and furious. If you choose, you can borrow a music book and stay on the risers (unless we are rehearsing choreography and need to have everybody in their assigned places). After rehearsal, if you decide you’d like to audition, you’ll be given a song to learn (sheet music and a CD recording of your part) and more information about the audition process. Many visitors have been so impressed by our performance at rehearsal that they say  “I could never do that.”  Please remember that we are all regular people like you. Most of us don’t read music or have any formal musical training. Our director is a voice teacher, and every rehearsal is like a voice lesson. You’ll learn quickly and before you know it you’ll be singing and moving on the risers like a pro. Give yourself the chance and you’ll never regret it.


From the North or South: ====================

  • Take Exit 10A off of Route 97 (Benfield Blvd).
  • Go about 3.5 miles (Benfield Blvd. becomes Benfield Rd. at some point)
  • Turn left at the light at Truck House Rd. (it’s the next light after Jumper Hole Rd.)
  • Elks will be .8 miles ahead on your right

Alternate Directions from 695: ========================

  • Take 695 to Rt. 10 South
  • Follow Rt. 10, crossing Rt. 100 until Rt. 10 meets Rt. 2 (Ritchie Hwy).
  • Turn left onto Rt. 2 South
  • Go approx. 1 mile and turn Rt. at light onto Earleigh Height Rd. (fire dept. on left, 7-11 on right)
  • Go .4 miles and turn left onto Truck House Rd. (no traffic light here)
  • Elks lodge will be on your left in .3 miles

From the West: ============

  • Take Rt. 100 East to Rt. 10 South
  • Rt. 10 will ends at Rt. 2 – Ritchie Hwy.
  • Go left (south) on Rt. 2 for approx. 1 miles
  • Turn right at light onto Earleigh Heights Rd. (7-11 on the right, fire dept. on the left)
  • Go .4 miles and turn left onto Truck House Rd.  (no traffic light)
  • Elks will be on your left in about .3 miles

From the East ===========

  • Find your way to Rt. 2 – Ritchie Hwy.
  • Turn onto Earleigh Heights Rd. (turn towards the 7-11, away from the Fire House)
  • Go .4 miles and turn left onto Truck House Rd. (no traffic light)
  • Elks will be on your left in about .3 miles